Tshochen Manilakhang (1898 A.D)
It is located at Tshochen village of Bara Pathing, East Sikkim. This Manilhakhang was established by a lama from Bhutan called Khenchay Lama in 1898 A.D. However, in 1995 the local devotees completely renovated it to present shape by replacing roofing with GCI sheets. Inner walls were adorned with debri paintings and large statues of Cho-Long-Trul-sum were also installed in its Shrine with deposited Bum texts on two sides.
     A brass Ganjira has also been fixed on the rooftop as done by the bigger monasteries. It has 12 Lamas and 16 Nyamos attending for its periodical pujas. It follows Nyingmapa Sect and is affiliated to Pathing Matsang Gonpa .
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