Pathing Matsang Monastery (1860 A.D)
History:This monastery was said to have been shifted from Lingkoed Village to its present site i.e. Matsang and re-established it in 1860 A.D by a Lama called “Lharib Dawa” who named it “Linkoed Matsang Rinchen Tse Gonpa". The Lamas rebuilt the present monastery in 1982 due to structural damages caused by an earthquake.
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However, it was remodeled in 2005 with government aid and renamed as “Pathing Matsang Rinchhen Tse Gonpa” since the monastery is properly located on a small hillock of Matsang village within Pathing area. The original monastery at Lingkoed was founded by a Lama called Drubwang PemaTsondu. It belongs to Nyingmapa Sect of Buddhism. Today it has become one of the major monasteries in East Sikkim and functions all the ceremonies with annual mask dance in winter.
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