Sri Badam Monastery (1976 A.D)
Sri Badam Phuntshog Ngayabling Monastery is situated in West Sikkim.
History: Due to the fact that there were no manasteries in the area the public moved a proposal for the establishment of a new monastery sometime in 1962 and a villager called Gyamji Bhutia came forward with a donation of 1-acre land for this noble task.Thereafter the matter lengthened for some years for completing the formalities. As encouraged by the villagers, a Lama called ‘Losel Dawa’ founded a small Shrine in the year 1976. Thereafter the devotees began performing Pujas in this small Shrine under the guidance of said
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Lama. Later, a Lama from Ralong, South Sikkim, known as ‘Lam Chime Rigdzin’ came to this place and imparted Wang and teachings. Soon the devotees looked upon him as a spiritual Master and often sought guidance from him in religious matters. Therefore, in 1990, the devotees formed a new Committee in which Lam Chime was made as President to look after the welfare of the monastery. With his keen efforts, a new bigger and splendid monastery was constructed in the same year after demolishing the old structure. Presently, the monastery is functioning  under the spiritual guidance of Venerable C.R. Rinpoche and is one of the medium Karma Kagyupa monasteries in Sikkim.
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