Nubling Monastery (1875 A.D)
History:Nubling monastery in west Sikkim  was founded as a hermitage by a Lepcha lama called Gyurmed Paljor and later extended into a Gonpa in 1875 A.D. It was renovated in 1989 with the help of Government aid. In the olden times, this Gonpa was said to be visited by a Yeti who used to bring scented pinewood for the monks in the hermitage to be used as insence. The founder lama was also an accomplished Bongthim(Shaman) and this tradition of practicing shamanism and lamaism has continued with the lamas of this Gonpa. The lamas of this Gonpa used to receive offerings from villagers of the
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neighbouring areas to prevent hail storms and other natural disasters especially during the sowing and harvesting seasons. This monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect and performs all the Buddhist ceremonies throughout the year.
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