Melli Atsing Monastery (1740 A.D)
The Melli Atsing Monastery lies on a beautiful hilltop located between Peling and Khachoed Palri Lake.
This Monastery is said to have been built by Lama Dudjom Yeshey Nyingpo in 1740 A.D. His generations still exist at Melli Gonpa.  The road diverts from the Khachoed palri Lake road.It follows the Nyingmapa Sect of Jhang-Ter lineage and functions all the Buddhist ceremonies throughout the year.  Lama Dujom Yeshey Nyingpo was a learned Jhang-Ter lineage Lama of Chatang Thidup Gonpa of Tibet.
It is said that while he was travelling from Nup Dechen Phuk cave, West Sikkim, the Lama saw a flickering flame appearing and
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disappearing on this hill for most part of the night. Lama Dudjom considered this as the sign of his destination and after ariving there he named the place as Meh (Fire) ley (disappear). Later derived as ‘Melli’. Presently there are 35 novice monks studying in Government Labtha.
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