Lhuntse Monastery (1850 A.D)
This is another Nyingmapa monastery located on the hilltop above Mangalbarey Bazaar, West Sikkim. Originally, the gonpa was situated a little above the present site besides a small pond.
History:Lama Mikyoed Dorje shifted this Gonpa to its present site and built a small hermitage by its side. After the death of this lama his disciple approached Lama Jigme Pawo at Pemayangtse for advice. Jigmed Pawo composed a prayer to the local deity DuetsenLusum. The visit of Jigmed Pawo is immortalized by his footprint left on a rock enclosed in a small house below the Gonpa. It was
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also a branch monastery of Pemayangtse built on hilltop called “Lhundub Yangtse” in the year 1850. The old structure was damaged by an earthquake and reconstructed in the year 1993-94 with government aid. It is now completed in all respects and is well maintained.
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