Khachoepdpalri Monastery (1760 A.D)
History:Khachoed Palri Monastery was founded by a Saint called - Drubwang Shakya in the Iron-Dragon Year of thirteenth Rabjung cycle, which corresponds to 1760 A.D. His incarnation was born in a simple Lepcha family and later renowned as Lama Dorje Gyaltshen or Drubwang Lozang Gyaltshen who was highly regarded as Hidden Naljorpa (Yogi) of Khachoedpalri during the reign of Chhogyal Thutob Namgyal (1874-1914). He had extra-ordinary traits and one of his noble visions was to build a Replica of Boudha Stupa of Nepal though he had never seen the Stupa.
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Accordingly, he collected stone blocks for erecting the Stupa and went to Nepal three times to copy the design and confirm similarity of these two stupas.Thereafter he built a Replica of Boudha Stupa of Nepal in the monastery premises single handedly for the welfare of the devotees who can not afford to go to Nepal for the darshan of this sacred Stupa. The stupa was completed in the Rooster year of the Tibetan Calendar. His incarnations came to be known as Khachoed Tulku and incarnations continues till today. The Gonpa has a famous Statue of Lama Dorje Gyaltsen made by himself. It is said that Lama Dorje Gyaltsen made his own statue but, not being satisfied with his work of art , he discarded it.  Likewse, he made and threw the statues thrice. However, when he threw the third statue on the ground the statue is said to have spoken saying that it was perfect. On hearing the statue speak he picked it up and kept it.
Even today, during the month of October when prayers are held for this lama the statue is said to be seen perspiring as if it is alive. The devotees are said to get his blessing during this puja ceremony. The monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect of Minling lineage and functions all the ceremonies throughout the year.
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