Hungri Monastery (1922 A.D)
Hungri Monastery lies between Silnon and Yuksam.
History:Earlier the Lepcha Lamas established it with a small Lhakhang. Later, it was dismantled and upon the same site, a new monastery was erected as a branch monastery of Pemayangtse in 1922 by Tamatam Lama who was a Ponlob deputed from Pemayangtse Monastery.The Gonpa retains the stone walls and is one of the very few Gonpa retaining such type of structure. An interesting thing to see in this gonpa is a small stone Altar attached to the right exterior wall of the Gonpa, which is dedicated to the
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Serpant God Lunag Thana Tenzing. This Altar was built after the workers at this site heard the sound of pigs grunting from under the ground when they attempted to dig there. In the old structure there was a window above this Altar from which offerings were made. One day when a young daughter of a lama tried to make offerings there when she fell from the window and died. Thereafter this window was closed down. The nuns of this Gonpa have constructed three old stupas by the side this gonpa. A rock face found little below the gonpa is believed to be the abode of Tsen Dorje Dadul the guardian deity of this Gonpa. It follows the Nyingmapa Sect of Minling lineage. The present structure is damaged by the earthquake shock of 18th September 2011 and needs restoration. The gonpa presently has 60 monks and 18 novice monks studying at its Labtha.
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