Dubde Monastery (1647A.D)
At a distance of about three kilometers to the northeast of Yuksam plateau is located the Dubde (the Hermit’s cell) Monastery. History:First ruler Chhogyal Phuntshog Namgyal (1604-1670) founded this monastery about 1647 A.D. in veneration to the Patron Saint Gyalwa Lhatsun Chhenpo (1595- 1652).Later, it was fully reconstructed by  the Third Lhatsun Jigme Pawo in water-rabbit year corresponding to 1723 A.D during the reign of fourth Lhari Rinzing or Temi Lharipa the Chhogyal Gyurmed Namgyal (1707-1733). Sikkim’s famous Painter
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painted the precious Debri paintings of Maha Shidhas of Sikkim, the lineages of high lamas, Guru Tshog-Shing and various Protecting Deities that embellished the inner walls 1945.
As per Gazetteer of Sikkim, recorded in 1894, the foundation year of Dubde is indicated as 1701A.D which makes no sense as the said founder king had passed away in the year 1670 A.D. The Gonpa has a Kangso Lhakhang, which is popularly known as ‘Dubde Phagmo Lhakhang’ or the Shrine of the Deity Vajra Varahi. This Lhakhang was said to have been built by Lama Jigmed Pawo, for the above Deity who is believed to have spent a night at this Gonpa although she resided in Phagmorong cave located in the east of the Gonpa which also beholds her sacred water. The Statue of Dorje Phagmo which is installed in this Shrine is called ‘Ku Sungjon’ or the Statue that speaks and the devotees behold it as a Sacred Idol. The monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and follows the tradition of Mindroling lineage.
The Dubde Monastery stands today with a reputation of being recognized as the first Monastery of Sikkim after the ruins of the first Dubde* at Paw Hungri hill and two lhakhangs** at Yuksam . However, this Monastery is protected today as State’s heritage building under the Archaeological Survey of India. The A.S.I. had carried out re-roofing in 1984 in order to safeguard the structure from rain leakages
*It was said to had built in 14th century by Lama Rigdzin Lekden Je the 2nd Rig zin Goedem as per Denjong Charab and ruined eventually.
** Two small Lhakhangs were built in 1643 A.D.by Lama Ngadag and Kathok Lama at Yoksam Valley, which were also ruined later as per Denjong Charab.
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