Rabong Monastery (2006 )
Rabong Monastery is built in the Sikkimese traditional architecture known as “Rinchhen Surgye”. The monastery occupies the ideal site from where one can look down the Rabong Bazaar. The construction of this beautiful monastery was started in 2006 by the Rabong Gonpa Managing Committee headed by Shri Dorje Dajom Bhutia with Government aid.In the year 2008, the Buddha’s relic offered by different countries were enshrined in this monastery. Its main festival is Pang Lhabsol or Religious Marshal Dance dedicated to the protectiveDeities and it is annually held from the month of August to September. This monastery follows Karma Kagyupa lineage.
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This monastery started with a small Manilhakhang called as “Mani Chokhor Gonpa” in the year 1985 by the Rabongla devotees for hosting Pang Lhabsol.
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