Namtse  Ngadag Monastery (1684 A.D)
 Namtse Ngadag Monastery belongs to Nyingmapa Sect of Jang-gter Lineage. It was founded by a lineage Holder of Ngadagpa Lama called Jo Phalug Gelong in wood-mouse year of 11th Rabjung cycle corresponding to the year 1684 A.D. on the site blessed by Lama Ngadag Sempa Chhenpo who entered Demojong via Present Namtse.The date of its  building is indicated as 1834 by H.H.Risley in his book “Gazetteer of Sikkim”,  contradictory to its original history. Perhaps,it mightbe the date of its
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renovation. As per old records, the monastery was in existence before 1717 A.D. It is recorded that Panding Ongmoo* conspired the murder of her half brother Chhagdor Namgyal the third king (1686-1717) in 1717 A.D. for usurping the throne. But immediately after, she was put to death in this monastery by the order of "Darwar”. The event of her murder clearly shows a testimony to the fact that the monastery was in existence before 1717 A.D.
As per record in Sikkim's History by Chhogyal Thutob and Gyalmo Yeshe, it is said that - “After having performed funeral rites, a group of royal attendants proceeded to apprehend and punish her but Panding Ongmoo, at the time, confined herself inside the monastery by locking up all the inner and outer doors. The group found no way to get inside the room and climbed through the monastery walls by making nail steps and entered through its ceiling. Upon reaching into her room, they strangled her to death with a silk scarf”. Therefore, the date of foundation is corrected as 1684 A.D. based on the document furnished by the Monastery Committee, which justifies the related fact.
     However, Lamas erected a new substitute monastery in 1978, which was brought to full completion in 1982 with government aid. Thereafter lamas transferred all the religious properties from the old Gonpa to newly built monastery and left the old monastery as a state heritage under the care of Culture and Heritage Department, Government of Sikkim. The monastery functions all the major ceremonies throughout the year.
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