Kewzing Monastery(1974 A.D)
 The devotees of Kewzing were in dire need of a Shrine nearby the village to offer prayers. Seeing this, the Late Head Lama of Tashiding Monastery known as Gomchhen Ongden initiated the talks for building a monastery near Kewzing Bazaar south Sikkim. A piece of land was donated by a elderly person of the same village known as Antsho Mondal. Immediately after Lama Gomchhen laid its foundation. The main patron was Lt. Yongden Bonpo who contributed a cash of Rs.2500/-(Two Thousand Five Hundred) to start the work.
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Thereafter the monastery building was completed in 1974 with the  combined effort of the villagers and donors from outside under the supervision of one dedicated Lama of the locality known as Shri Tshampo Norzang. Earlier, it was started as Mani Lhakhang with enrolment of few monks and Nyamos. Later it was developed into a Gonpa. Now Lama Norzang has built up a separate Manilhakhang in its premises for the female devotees to offer prayer and performing all the periodical ceremonies throughout the year .
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