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Doling Monastery (1718 A.D)
Doling Monastery is located on a small hillock, about 6 kms southward from Rabongla bazaar. Lama Rigdzin Longyang founded this monastery in the earth-dog year of 12th Rabjung cycle year corresponding to 1718. A.D.
The Mongol ruler Junggar’s invasion of Tibet in 1717 - 1718. A.D. led to the persecution of Nyingmapa Sect and in this terror- stricken situation, some  Nyingmapa Saints left Tibet and took asylum in the southern hidden lands.
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In the same year, Lama Dorjelingpa and his son Rigdzin Longyang also left Tibet and entered Sikkim. It is said that many years before, the son Rigdzin Longyang had obtained a prediction from Chhogyal Terdag Lingpa (1646-1714) about his future and he realized that the time had come for him to proceed to this hidden land. Thereafter, they entered Demojong  with the help of the clues prescribed in the prediction letter and reached the present site, where they had built a small Hermitage and practiced ritual for some months.
Shortly after, Dorjelingpa went back to Tibet, his son Lama Rigdzin Longyang started building a small monastery. At the time of its completion, his father arrived back from Tibet, consecrated the monastery, and thereby composed a prayer manual to worship local Guardian Spirits while instructing to his son to foster his lineage. However, Dorjelingpa stayed in Sikkim for a short period and proceeded to Bumthang (Bhutan) where, he had sent one of his younger son for a spiritual mission.
As per written record of the Lama Jigme Pawo (1682-1729), Dorjelingpa and his son came to Sangag Choling Monastery in west Sikkim and met with Lama Jigme Pawo, who at the time became regent to the minor Gyurmed Namgyal (1707-1734) the Fourth Consecrated Ruler. There are many sacred objects of worship in its premises; such as a footprint of Khangchhen Dzonga’s Horse, which was laid on the rock during confrontation with Lama Dorje Lingpa and Deity Khangchhen Dzonga. It is said that Lama Dorje Lingpa called an assembly of all the local Guardian Deities after consecration of the Gonpa but Deity Khangchen Dzonga took it lightly as he is highly dignified Deity came one day late to Dorje lingpa’s command. By the time Khangchen Dzonga reached Doling the registration ceremony was over.
The deity was infuriated when his name was not registered in the list of Doling Guardian Deities and demonstrated his power by leaving a footprint of his horse on a small rock located outside the gate. At the same time, Dorjelingpa also laid his footprint on the rock in counter to Khangchhen Dzonga’s feat. Seeing this the Khangchen Dzonga apologized for his late coming and pleaded him to include his name in the list to keep his dignity.The lamas preserve them until to this day and the stone bearing the footprint of Dorje lingpa has permanantly installed on the inner wall of the Manilhakhang along with the images of the Manjushri, Vajra pani and Dorjelingpa carved on stone slabs by Dorjelingpa himself.
Due to frequent earthquake damages to the structure the monastery had been rebuilt in 1840, 1920 and finally in 1984. The monastery functions all the major festivals. Today the descendants of Lama Rigdzin Longyang are still exist and taking care of this sacred monastery. The monastery follows Nyingmapa of Kadue Chokyi Gyatso of eastern Treasure.
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