Tsunthang Monastery "Tsemo Rinchenthang" (1651A.D)
This is another Nyingmapa monastery located in the place associated with historical important and religious significances in North Sikkim. History:
As per Dejong Ney-yig text, present day is mentioned as ‘Tsemo Rinchhen Thang’ (top-precious- plain) which is marked by a Sacred Rock called- LHE-DO or NEY-DO by Buddhist and bears a footprint of Guru Padmasambhava.
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It is said that Guru Padmasambhava on the way back to Tibet halted at this place in order to subjugate one mischief demon called ‘Duetsen’ who had been reluctant to come under Guru’s spiritual domain. As per belief of the people, The Guru Rinpoche personally consecrated the present site where later, Lepcha Buddhist followers built a monastery in the year 1788 A.D.
The present monastery was built in the year 1968 during the reign of last King Chhogyal Palden Thondub Namgyal. The monastery performs all the major Buddhist ceremonies.  The monastery performs all the major Buddhist ceremonies. This is purely a Buddhist place of worship and has nothing to contradict the fact by other faiths as some of them attempted to convert the Sacred Rock into their faith, which is a contravention of the law of the places of worship Act, 1991/ Government of India.
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