Tsawang Choling Monastery (1936 A.D)
This monastery lies near Phensang monastery North Sikkim and follows Nyingmapa Sect.History: It is said that during the time of Chhogyal Tsugphud Namgyal (1785-1861), a Lama named Lody Gyaltsen or Tsipa Lama came from Phensang to Tsawang village with his pupil for  retreat courses where he built a small Shrine to serve his purpose. Later, a Nun called- Ani Khando used this shrine for similar purposes. Thereafter, two Nuns known as Ani
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Choying Ongmoo and Ani Kunga reconstructed this Lhakhang in bigger shape in fire-mouse year of 16th Rabjung cycle year, which corresponds to 1936 A.D. and named as “Tsawang Ani Gonpa”. Later, Lama Chonyi took over the charge of this monastery after the demise of Nuns. Presently the monastery is named “Tsawang Choling Gonpa” and being run by the lamas. The monastery presently has an enrolment of 55 monks and functions all the ceremonies throughout the year.
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