Tareng “Dargye Choling" Monastery (1929 A.D)
Tareng ‘Dargye Choling’ monastery was earlier called as 'Gor Tareng Dargye Choling Gonpa' since the devotees from both Gor and Tareng village attend to the same Gonpa for performing periodical Pujas. It was founded in1929 A.D. led by a Lama called Choying Lepcha and built it with the help of the devotees of both the villages.The monastery is properly located at Tareng. Gor village is bid far away from Tareng. However, in the year 2002 A.D, The devotee of Gor village, in view of the long distance between their villages and Gonpa, decided to establish a Gonpa of their own. Thereafter, it came to be known as Tareng Dargye Choling Gonpa. Due to
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old structure, the devotees of Tareng also rebuilt the monastery in the later year, with government aid. The monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect.
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