Ship Kunzang Choling Monastery (1900 A.D)
This monastery is located in one of the most difficult  to access areas of North Sikkim and came into existence in 1900 A.D. The present building was rebuilt in 1985 with government aid. His Eminence Dodrubchen Rinpoche imparted the consecration of this reconstructed monastery in 1985 and named it as “Kunzang Choling”.Above the present Gonpa lies a holy Lake called ‘Lamtar Tsho’. There is a site below the lake known as Shemu Mungda where Guru Padmasambhava slew a Shemu demon.
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One can visit the place where Guru tied his horse and the stone where he kept his hat. He also opened a Naygo (door of a sacred place) where Dubchu or Holy water is still avalable. The Monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect of Buddhism. Now it has become one of the major monasteries in North Sikkim and functions all the major ceremonies throughout the year with mask dance.
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