Lachung "Samten Choling" Monastery (1850 A.D)
     Lachung (Samten Choling) monastery in north Sikkim was built in iron-dog year XIVth Rabjung cycle corresponding to 1850 A.D. Lachung Samtencholing Gonpa previously belonging to Bon worshippers was converted into Buddhist Monastery by the locals to strengthen the Buddhist faith in the region.In 1930 a statue of Buddha , a statue of a Guru, a statue of Chenrezig made of Copper alongwith Kangyur and Tengyur Texts were brought from Tibet as basic religious treasure for this Gonpa in order to help Dharma flourish in the region. It follows the Nyingmapa Sect of Buddhism.
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In 1983 it was renovated and remodeled by the Lamas. The monastery functions all major ceremonies with annual mask dance in winter. Today, the Lachung monastery is one of the major monasteries of north Sikkim.
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