Lachen Thangu Monastery (1974 A.D)
This monastery is said to be in existence from the begining of the 19th century as a hermitage founded by a Lama from Kham, Tibet, who came and settled here. The Lama was an accomplished master and when he was criticised for getting married, he is said to have demonstrated his power by leaving a footprint on a stone slab, which is presently kept at Lachen Gonpa . Image Not Available
     Thangu monastery is no doubt a branch monastery of Lachen Gonpa  and is located about 29 kms from its parent monastery on the way to Guru Dongmar Lake. It was earlier a small Lhakhang (Temple) built in 1974 by the people of Lachen. However, in the year 2003, they rebuilt a bigger Monastery withGovernment assistance.
     The history of this monastery is quite unique. It is said that in summer months, the people of Lachen along with their household shift to Thangu, the altitude of which is higher than Lachen, for cultivation in summer and the periodical ceremonies falling within these months are performed in Thangu monastery. When winter approaches, they return to Lachen. This practice is still followed to this day.
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