Hee Gyathang Monastery (1914 A.D)
This Monastery is situated in Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim. History: Earlier, there were no monasteries in that area, so the people of Buddhist faith had no place to offer prayers. In the mean time, a Hermit called Abi Putso Rangdrol, seeing the religious needs of the devotees, decided to build a small shrine at an isolated place above Hee Gyathang Village.Following which, the devotees began coming for prayer to his Shrine. However, the shrine being located at far off place from the village, created a problem for the villagers to attend the pujas regularly.
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Therefore, the said Lama shifted his religious Centre to the nearby village. Later, an earthquake damaged the structure with several cracks. This incident compelled the villagers and Lamas to think of re-shifting the Centre as they considered that this natural disaster had took place due to defilement caused by animals kept nearby the Shrine. After having taken a unanimous decision, they shifted their religious Centre to a sanctified place in 1914 A.D. and gave a religious name as ‘Tashi Choling Gon’. Since then, the monastery exists on present site and functions all the periodical pujas with annual Mask Dance. The monastery follows the Nyingmapa Sect.
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