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Tsuklakhang Monastery (1898 A.D)
Tsuglakhang is situated in the premises of the Palace where all the official functions of the Government used to be held during the reign of the Chogyals of Sikkim until the merger of Sikkim as a state of the Indian Union in 1975. It was here that all the royal functions like coronation of a new king or the wedding ceremony of a royal family used to take place.Previously the famous Kagyad Chham (Annual Mask Dance) in Winter and a Warrior-dance called-‘Pangtoed Chham’ in summer were performed for worshipping the Guardian Deity of Mount Khangchendzonga known as ‘Pang Lhabsol’. However, after the abolition of Monarchy rule, the performance of Pangtod
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Chham at this place was discontinued. Nevertheless, the Buddhist organizations of Sikkim still observe here other Buddhist festivals like Saga Dawa, Drukpa Tshezhi, Guru Trungkar, Lhabab Dhuechhen and other Mantra recitation ceremonies from time to time. This monastery was probably built in the year 1898 A.D.during the reign of 9th King Thutob Namgyal (1860-1914).
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