Thumin Monastery "Karma Choling" (1921 A.D)
ThumonKarma Choling’ Monastery is situated in Tumin village of East Sikkim. It is another monastery of Karma Kagyupa Lineage.
History:It is said that a lama named Sangey Lepcha had come to Thumin from Radong to escape harassment by the local landlord.He built a small stone structure arround 1820 A.D. and started performing pujas. In the later century, his son Thondub Lepcha founded a small monastery in 1921 A.D to cater the religious needs of the local Buddhist people. Thumon (Thugs-smon) means the blessing of high Lama. This Gonpa housed some unique
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statues as wooden statues of Guru padmasambhava, Buddha and Chenrezig carved by Lama Ongdup Lepcha. These wooden statues were said to have been carved with a Bamphok (Traditional lepcha knife). Lama Ongdup, though untrained, was exceptionally talented. It is said that Chogyal Sidkyong Tulku was highly impressed with the craftmanship of these unique statues on his visit to this gonpa. In 1960 the Gonpa received a gift of statue of the 16th Karmapa from Rumtek monastery. The monastery functions all the ceremonies throughout the year. Presently the gonpa has 35 monks and 41 novice monks studying in the monastic School.
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