Taktse Ani "Ugen Chokhorling" Monastery (1980 A.D)
Taktse ‘Ugen Chokhorling’ Ani Gonpa is situated approximately five kilometers from Gangtok, East Sikkim. The monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect.
History: In early 20th century, a Lama called ‘Amje Lama’ came from the land of Ladak and built a small hermitage at present Taktse where he spent the rest of his life in retreat courses.
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He ,being an Amje, used to treat the patients with Tibetan medicine and thereby many householders of the surrounding village such as Luying, bojogari and Pellong became the devotees of Taktse Tshamkhang. After the demise of the said Lama, his daughter Ani Damchho Doma (Nun) carried further her father’s heritage. Later, Ani Damchho Doma founded a small Gonpa just below the old Hermitage in 1980 with the help of contributions from the devotees and the financial grant from the Government. She established this Ani Gonpa giving the name as “Ugen Chokhorling Gonpa” with the enrolment of 12 nuns and carried out all the periodical pujas like the other monasteries.
Unfortunately, Ani Damchho passed away in an early age and her sister Ani Ganga Lhamo took over the charge of this Gonpa who in recent years, constructed a small Dubkhang or meditation Centre for  the nuns to go for Losum-Dasum, which is a three years and three months retreat course
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