Sumon Thubten Gatsalling Monastery (1924 A.D)
Sumon is a Lepcha word and is a name of a Village just situated opposite hill of the Sang hill range.
History:The was monastery originally started with a Manilhakhang belonging to the Karma Kagyupa Sect and was established in wood-mouse year of 15th Rabjung cycle corresponding to 1924. It was founded by Lama Ngodub as a branch monastery of Phodang Gonpa, North Sikkim. It was later converted into a Gonpa in 1966. The main altar has a statue of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa donated by Ruktek Gonpa and a statue of Buddha presented by Kharwang Tulku. It functions all the ceremonies throughout
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the year and fulfills the spiritual needs of the Bhutia settlers of that area.
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