Simig Monastery (1843 A.D)
History:Simig ‘Sangag Duduling’ Monastery was founded by a Saint called ‘RalchhenWosel Dorje in 1843 A.D. He was a disciple of Palri Tulku Pema Wangyal of Tibet. He was a highly accomplished Yogi. He passed away at present Gangnam Tshamkhang six kms above Simik Gonpa.Later, this monastery  was said to have been re-constructed by Burmiok Tulku or Incarnate Lama of Burmiok who was recognized as a reincarnation of Ralchen Woser Dorje
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Today, with the help of Government assistance, this Monastery is  well maintained and houses 85monks.The Gonpa belongs to the Nyingmapa sect and functions all the major buddhist ceremonies.
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