Sang Monastery “Karma Dubgyu Chokhorling”(1912 A.D)
This is another Karma Kagyupa Monastery in East district of Sikkim, located at few kms from Rumtek monastery.
History:The original monastery was built in 1912 A.D. It is said that Sang Athing a local landlord was told by an Astrologer that the land where the Gonpa now lies was on the same level as his personal residence on the opposite hill.The Astrologer added that if a gonpa was built there it would be beneficial to his entire family. 
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Accordingly, the landlord donated this land for constructing a gonpa. In the main Altar one can see a flat stone bearing one footprint and a hand print of Phaya lama. Phaya lama whose actual name is unknown, was a hreat lama from Tibet. He is said to have stayed in this Gonpa for some years. The name Phaya was given to him by the locals since he spent most of his time meditating in a cave situated at a ravine near Rumtek. This lama was said tohave subdued many evil spirits in areas surrounding Sang and Rumtek. Presently, the lamas with the financial assistance from Government, are erecting a new monastery just below the old one in the name and style of ‘Karmadubgyu Chokhorling Gonpa’. It also functions all the major ceremonies throughout the year.
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