Samdong Mintokgang Monastery (1913 A.D)
History:Samdong Mintokgang Monastery was built in 1913 A.D. and it was a branch monastery of Labrang Gonpa in North Sikkim. A Buddha Statue was gifted to this monastery by Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal.It is said that when the statue was installed here all the illness that was prevailing in the area were cured. It was repaired in 1977 but later dismantled  and rebuilt with government aid in 1989-90.
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H.ETingkyed Gonjang Rinpoche blessed it with Rabney ceremony in 1992. Earlier, Labrang Monastery used to depute Ponlob (Tutor) Lama to supervise the religious ceremonies of this Gonpa. Now, its own lamas are capable of running the monastery and perform all the ceremonies throughout the year.
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