Rinak Monastery (1841 A.D)
History:Saint Konchhog Gyaltshen with a small Shrine originally founded Rinak Monastery in East Sikkim. Later his lineage holders re-established it in its present site in 1841 A.D. and gave a religious name as- “Paljor Phuntshog”.The monastery follows Bhara kagyu lineage of the Drukpa Kagyu and this monastery, in earlier times, used to seek spiritual guidance from Late Kagyu Tulku who was regarded as Spiritual Head of this Sect.
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This monastery was reconstructed in 1981 after taking damage from anearthquake.In the olden days, the Dorje Lopons were deputed from Dromo Kagyu Gponpa in Tibet but after 1959 it was stopped due the blockade of the Indo-Tibet border. However, The old structure has been dismantled and a new bulding has been erected in 2009. It also functions all the major ceremonies. This Gonpa also has mask dances in its annual ceremony.
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