Raloong Monastery (1956 A.D)
This monastery is located at Raloong village in the block of West Pandam, East Sikkim. Earlier, the people of this area were the devotees of Simig monastery East Sikkim which is at a very long walking distance from Raloong.It was very troublesome and inconvenient for the devotees to walk such distances to get in touch with  the lamas at Simig Monastery whenever there was a death in their area.
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Seeing the difficulties faced by the devotees, a Lama called Ugen Chhodak,  decided to construct a branch monastery of his parent Gonpa  to cater the religious needs of the people of Raloong. Therefore, he built a small Gonpa in 1956 A.D. with an enrolment of 8 monks. It follows the Nyingmapa Sect. Presently a new the monastery is being rebuilt just behind the old one.
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