Pabyuk Monastery "Tashi Choling" (1875 A.D)
This monastery is located in the Pabyuk village of East Sikkim.
History: This monastery was founded by a Lama called-“Ralchhen Kalzang Chhophel” in the year 1875 A.D. Its religious name is known as ‘Tashi Choling Gon’ and follows the tradition of Drukpa Kagyu Sect, which is the sub Sect of Kagyupa.
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Originally the gonpa was a small mud hermitage with thatch roof which  was distroyed by a fire.  The present structure was built at the same site and is a wooden structure with stone walls. The buuilding has inter-locking system of wooden beams where no nails are required to hold them. These wooden posts and beams can be seen in the third floor.
     The monastery holds some interesting artifacts such as a belltrance of the Gonpa. It is said to have been brought from Tibet in the olden days by a trader who wanted to sell it to the Gonpa for five Rupees. As the lamas could not afford it they requested for a discount to which the trader refused.  While the trader was on his way back without selling the bell the bell gradually started getting heavier and heaver until it became so heavy that he could not carry it any further. The trader, upon realizing that the bell was actually meant for this Gonpa, decided to donate it to the Gonpa at which point of time, all of a sudden, the bell became light again. He brought the bell back and hung it at the main entrance, apologized to the lamas and departed.
     This bell still hangs at the same spot. Other interesting thing to see is the Statue of Buddha at the main Altar, who once displayed its miraclculous power. One morning, a monk on his puja duty saw the statue sweating profusely. Alarmed by this incident the High Lamas were consulted. The High Lamas were amazed to notice that a small pox epidemic that was raging in the surrounding areas stopped spreading from this Gonpa upwards. Incredibly no one from this Gonpa and areas above the Gonpa were inflicted with the disease. The Statue is said to have absorbed the disease thus safeguarding the people of the surrounding areas from the disease. The Gonpa presently has 35 Monks and 30 novice monks. The monastery functions all the religious ceremonies throughout the year with annual mask dance in winter.
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