Martam Tsangkhar Monastery (1951 A.D)
 History: During the reign of Chhogyal Gyurmed Namgyal (1717-1733) a Lama known as Gomchhen Tenzin Nyida came to this place along with his family members from West Sikkim whose origin is traced back to the Tsang province of Tibet.He initially entered in meditation in a cave called- “Kunga Tse” located above the present Gonpa site. Later he built a small hut there for retreat practices and passed away in the same place.
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It remained as Tshamkhang for three generations. Later,  Lama Gomchen’s reincarnation was said to have been born in Gerethang in West Sikkim but he was not taken care of by his family members . When the incarnate Lama attained the age of maturity he went to Chumbi, Tibet where he spent his life in meditation in a solitary place and later passed away.
Thereafter, a Lama called Choekyong who was the descendant of the Late Gomchhen Tenzin Nyida’s brother took over the charge of his Ancestral Heritage. After his death, the tradition was continued by his son Lama Ugen and later succeeded by his son Phurtsing Lama. However, after the death of the latter Lama, it remained defunct for many decades until one of his descendant called Lama Dawa Tenzin who had initially taken admission in Labrang Monastery, North and became a Nyingmapa monk and thereafter continued the tradition.     
He had demolished the old retreat hut and thereafter constructed a small monastery in 1951 during the reign of Chhogyal Tashi Namgyal (1914-1963). The lineages of the founder lama are known today as Tsangkharpa. So the monastery was named as “Tsangkhar Gonpa”which is seemed to be mispronounced as Tsenkar or Chenkar Gumpa. The Lama Dawa Tenzin by virtue of becoming Nyingmapa Lama carried out his religious activities as per Nyingmapa tradition. Later, his son Samten however revived the tradition of Drukpa Kagyu, which is the sub Sect of Kagyupa followed by his Ancestors. In 1987, Lama Rigdzin rebuilt the monastery and it is under his guidance that the monastery is being functioned today.
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