Linkoed Monastery (1840 A.D)
History:A renowned Sikkimese Saint called Drubwang Pema Tsondu founded this monastery in 1840 A.D. giving a religious name as “Chokhor Yangtse Gon”. After about 20 years, its devotees increased to other adjoining villages including Tshochhen and Pheri.Therefore, for the convenience of all, the monastery was shifted to Matsang hillock, transferring all the belongings while leaving the old structure as Manilhakhang for the nuns.
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However, on the historical ground; its earlier status was restored with the title of Gonpa in 2003 in an annual subsidy policy.Now it is revived as Linkoed Chokhor Yangtse Gonpa. The monastery follows Nyingmapa Sect and is located in East Sikkim.
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