Lingdok Tshangkhar Monastery (1862 A.D)
This monastery is situated at Lingdok village in East Sikkim.
History: Almost three hundred years before a Lama called Lam Thiley of Tsang province of Tibet came to Sikkim via Haa in Bhutan. He settled at Sakyong, below Pemayangtse monastery in western Sikkim and  built a small monastery called Tsangkhar Gonpa.
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He had two sons Known as Lama Gomar and Lama Tadin at the time and the former migrated to present Gangtok and established his own monastery in 1716 A.D. near present Gangtok Masjid. The Lama Gomas linenage holders lived there for almost 145 years until one of his descendants called Lam Dadue shifted this monastery to present Lingdok in 1862 A.D. as he wanted to get away from hustle and bustle of growing Gangtok town. However, the old monastery at Gangtok was said to have been dismantled in 1914 after it was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1913. The Lingdok monastery follows the Sect of Drukpa Kagyupa and functions all the ceremonies throughout the year. The lineage holder of Lam Dadue is still running the monastery.
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