Kagon Tshechhogling Monastery (1977 A.D)
This Monastery was originally situated at lower Chumbi in Yatung region of southern Tibet.
History:The Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959 forced the monks of this monastery to leave Tibet.All the spiritual properties brought from Yatung were housed in the present Gonpa at Chandmari, East Sikkim. At the initial stage, this Toedruk Kagyu Centre was temporarily established in 1977 in the private house of Thongyal Lama and  was being run with the help of the devotees.
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Later in 1987, the Committee purchased a building and converted it into a Kagyu Gonpa.Since then religious ceremonies are regularly held in the monastery on all the auspicious days. Every year, Gutor ritual like other monasteries is held with mask dances. The monasteries of Renock, Tsangyek and Pabyuk of Sikkim and the monasteries of Lingsay, Tangtha and Poedong monasteries in West Bengal have an affiliation to the Kagon Tshechhogling Monastery of Chandmari. The above monasteries depute their monks annually to the Kagon Tshechhogling to participate in the annual Gutor ceremony in the 8th lunar month and Tangyur reading in the first lunar month as a tribute to this monastery. Lt. Kagyu Tulku was their spiritual Head and 7th in the lineage. They follow the Kagyupa Sect of Toedruk Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
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