Enchey Monastery (1840 A.D)
Situated on a beautiful hilltop near Gangtok TV Tower is the magnificent Nyingmapa Monastery of Enchey Sangag Rabtenling.
A Saint Called-“Drubthob Karpo” formerly a resident of Lingding Gangtok once went to Ralang monastery, South Sikkim for learning and practicing monastic education.He spent many years learning rituals under the learned Lamas and held a post of Chi-nyer or General Manager in the monastic administration.
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One day, a Jindag (donor) from Barfung came to Ralong monastery to offer a day’s prayer in the name of his departed family member. However, that day the weather turned bad and the fire in the Kitchen was not burning well. Following which, Chinyer Lama failed to serve morning Solthuk (rice porridge) and tea in time to the monks performing ritual. This undesirable happening displeased the Jindag who immediately complained against him and following which an argument started to such extend that the lamas had to interfere into the matter. The Jindag angrily told the Lamas to choose between him and Chinyer Lama. Eventually the lamas, seeing no alternative, expelled him from the monastery.
     However, that incident had been a blessing in disguise for him. The Chinyer Lama, on the way back to Gangtok, made up his mind to enter in meditation in a cave at Mainam Hill above Ralong. After few years of hard labour, he attained a stage of Drubthob or Shidha and acquired flying power. As a sign of his achievement, he laid his footprint on a rock there. One day, a hunter from Yangang village came across his cave and saw him. He was quite amazed to see him and called him ‘Drubthob Karpo’ which means- ‘White Saint’.
     Later, the hunter invited the Saint to his dwelling house at Yangang and asked for his blessing. Thereafter he flew from Mainam Hill and landed at the present monastery site. Afterwards, he built a small Shrine on this spot where he spent few years and later entered in meditation at Taktse hilltop. Thereafter he flew to Dromo in Tibet and then to  Bhutan where he passed away to his heavenly abode.
     Later, a Hermit called ‘Karma Sherab’ came to the Shrine of Enchey for retreat. Amazingly, he, after few years, acquired flying power and flew back and forth between Gangtok and Pakyong making the devotees awe struck. Thereafter, this place became more significant. The Saint spent his later half of life in this Shrine and passed away. Thereafter the lineage holders of Drubthob Karpo, with their profound faith, developed the old Shrine into a full-fledged monastery in the year 1840. A.D. with establishment of 15 monks and gave it a religious name as ‘Sang-ngag Rabtenling’ which means- ‘Sacred Stable Place’.
     During the reign of 10th Chhogyal Sidkyong Tulku (1879-1914), it was rebuilt in the year 1908, in its present shape, which is an artistic adaptation of Chinese Temple of Gyanak Riwo Tsenga. The monastery performs its annual mask dance on the eve of the Sikkimese Losoong corresponding to the month of December- January. Today it is one of the major monasteries of Sikkim.
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