Bakcham Monastery (1966 A.D)
History: As per record in Ecclesiastical Department, the original Bakcham monastery existed in Yatung in Tibet. Interestingly, the original monastery was said to have founded by Gyalwa Lhatsun Chhenpo who was one of the pioneer missionary Lamas of Sikkim. As per record, it is mentioned that the monastery belongs to Sikkim Darwar and functions under the care of one Lama called ‘Jo Pema Kunkhyab’. The Darwar had also granted Rs. 50/- per annum to Bakcham Gonpa for running pujas.
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However, during 1960, the Chinese Armies did not allow the public to visit to any monastery for pujas. This created a hurdle in the way of his religious activities and the Lama started facing difficulties after being cut off from Sikkim.  Eventually, he deserted the monastery and escaped to Paro in Bhutan along with his family members. The news regarding his escape from Yatung to Bhutan had caused anxiety to the Darwar. However, later, Chhogyal Tashi Namgyal called him from Bhutan and allotted a piece of land at Dechenling, East Sikkim where he built a dwelling house in 1966 and continued his religious activities. Later, Jo Pema Kunkhyab lama, with the help of government aid,  erected a separate shrine  in 1990 to substitute the old monastery of Tibet. This monastery could not improve with time and there were hardly any monks even though Government gives an annual subsidy for its functioning.
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