Sindrang Manilakhang (1932 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Sindrang, West Sikkim on the way to Rimbi . It was built in 1932 A.D, by the local public, on the land donated by Dowgay Bhutia for the Nyamos to offer Mani prayer. The main altar on the ground floor contains 8 ft Guru Chokyi Dorje flanked by Deity Sengdongma and Hayagriva, and a statue of Chagtong Chentong Chenrezig about 5 ft to its right.
At first the Manilhakhang was looked after by Gelong Samdup. It is made with mud mortar and was later strengthened with stone masonry walls, but unfortunately, destroyed by an earthquake in 1982. After a couple of years Palden Lama a monk from Pemayangtse Gonpa as well as a resident of this area, started building a new structure on its ruins with a mere Rs. 2000/- in hand but the public of the locality came forward to help him. The building is not fully complete yet due to fund constrains. However, inner walls are embellished with mural paintings of different deities. It has kangyur Lhakhang on the top floor where statues of Cho-Long-Trul-sum and Kangyur & Tangyur texts are housed. A beautiful Mani wheel can be seen just beside the main gate leading to this Lhakhang. It presently has 15 Nyamos attending for Mani prayers. It follows Nyingmapa Sect and affiliated to Pemayangtse Gonpa .
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