Phunchephung Manilakhang(1965 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located inside the forest of Phunchenpung area, West Sikkim. It was built by the lamas in 1965 A.D. Earlier, Monks from Bhutan and Tibet came to this site for meditation. In 1961 a Tshamkhang (hermitage) was built by the locals to cater to the religious needs of the hermits. Later Under the initiative of two local residents Ugen Denzongpa and Chumthi Denzongpa His Eminence Jadral Rinpoche was invited to bless this site.
 Over the years Jadral Rinpoche visited this site three times and gave his blessings. A disciple of the Jadral Rinpoche Dawa Chodup initiated the construction of present Manilhakhang. The Altar contains statues of Lord Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and Guru Padmasambhava. Presently the Manilhakhang has 15 monks. It follows Nyingmapa Sect.
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