Thangshing Bermiok Manilakhang (1954 A.D)
This is located in the premises of Bermiok wosel Choling Gonpa, upper Bermiok, South Sikkim. It is a small one storied Manilhakhang with Mani wheels around the structure. It was said to have been built shortly after the main Gonpa was reconstructed in 1954. However, it was re-built into present shape in the year 1987.
The Altar contains the statues of Buddha Amitabha and Chag-tong Chen-tong form of Avalokiteshvara. There is an old Mani Wheel in this Manilakhang which, interestingly, gives an omen by way it spins and the sounds it produces if any bad incident is about to befall the village. Presently it has 10 Nyamos attending for Mani prayers. It follows Kagyudpa Sect.
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