Lingmo Samtenling Manilakhang(1951 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Lower Kolthang village, Lingmo, above the main road, South Sikkim. It was established in 1951 A.D. An old Lepcha Lady of this area built a Choedten and a small Hut above the present site forty years ago. She used to perform pujas in this Hut. After her death her son Karma Lekden Lepcha constructed the present Manilhakhang in place of the old Hut with the help of the people.
It was renovated twice in 1994 and 2009. The altar contains Some portraits of different Deities and a set of Bum texts. It presently has 06 Nyamos and whenever a ceremony is held they invite lamas from Rabtenling Manilhakhang. This Manilhakhang follows Nyingmapa Sect.
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