Thingchim Manilakhang (1922 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Thingchim village, North Sikkim and is said to have been founded by previous Lachen Gomchen Rinpoche in 1922 A.D  to offer Mani prayer. It was rebuilt in 2002 and is a small Lhakhang with three storied building facing west. The Altar contains Cho-Long-Trul-sum statues along with a set of Bum Texts. It has 25 Nyamos to offer Mani prayers and two big Mani wheels.
There are twin Lakes situated at the south of this Lhakhang dedicated to a Nymph called- Yuden Lhamo Silli Phuthee. Bum Lama was the first Head lama of this Manilhakhang. It follows Kagyupa Sect and affiliated to Phodang Gonpa.
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