Rangang Manilakhang(1946 A.D)
Rangang Manilakhang is located at Rangang village, North Sikkim. It is said to have been founded in 1946 A.D. by the area public to offer Mani prayer. The land for the Lhakhang was donated by Sri Ngodup Bhutia which has 40x50 sq ft. The Altar contains the statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, Cherezig and Guru Rinpoche, which was said to have been donated by Lachen Rinpoche.
An old clay statue of Chuchig Shay is also found in the Altar. The Manilhakhang conducts all the periodical pujas including Bumkor with Tshog-lay ritual. The villagers gather at the Manilhakhang and are served with meals. The expenditure incurred for serving of food to these people is met up from the expenses of a group of four households. It follows Kagyudpa Sect and affiliated to Phodang Gonpa .
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