Lingtyang Manilakhang(1947 A.D)
This Nyingmapa Manilakhang is located at Lingtyang village, lower Dzongu. It is inhabited by twelve Lepcha in the remotest part of north Sikkim. The Manilhakhang was said to have been founded in 1947A.D. by the area public to offer Mani prayer. There is a foot print of Guru Rinpoche which was left here during his journey from North to South Sikkim.
An old statue of Guru Rinpoche was said to have been donated by 11th Chogyal Tashi Namgyal along with it a set of Bum texts, the statues of Jampalyang, Chagna Dorje and Tshepamed were donated by his royal mother as ‘Ku-Sung-Thug-ten’ to this Lhakhang. Lt. Lama Zukang Lepcha was the first Ponlob of this Manilhakhang. Presently there are only 5 monks.
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