Labi Manilakhang (1907 A.D)
Labi Manilakhang is located at Labi village, North Sikkim. It is said to have been founded in 1907 A.D. by the area public to offer Mani prayers.  The Manilakhang was damaged by an earthquake and was rebuilt in 2004 by the people with financial aid from the government and gave a religious name as ‘Thekchog Choling’.
The Altar contains the statues of Cherezig, Guru Rinpoche and a golden smaller statue of Guru Rinpoche installed at the centre flanked by his consort Mandarawa and Yeshey Tshogyal. Also exists a statue of Jampalyang on the left and small Chuchig Shay statue on the right side of the Altar along with a statue of Vajra Pani. Presently there are 20 Nyamos and 25 Lamas to cater to the religious needs of the people living in this area. Lt. Chotey Lepcha was the first Head Lama of this Manilhakhang. It follows Nyingmapa Sect and affiliated to Phensang Gonpa .
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