Kaloe Manilakhang(1940 A.D)
Kaloe Manilakhang is located at Kaloe village, above Ringhim Gonpa , North Sikkim and can be reached by a steep climb from Ringhim. It is said to have been founded by Kuenchok Lepcha in 1940 A.D, to offer Mani prayer since Ringhim Gonpa  is located far away from Kaloe village.
It is said that during the construction of this Manilhakhang the workers were trying to break a boulder when blood oozed out of it and all the villagers felt sick. Believing the rock to be sacred it has been left intact and is worshipped as the abode of Lu or Nag. The Altar contains statues of a Buddha, a Cherezig, a Guru Padmasambhava and a small statue of Buddha Amitabha which were made by a Bhutanese Artist. Presently there are 07 monks and 05 Nyamos. The old structure was proposed for rebuilding in 1965 but the matter could not materialize. It follows Nyingmapa sect and affiliated to Ringhim Gonpa.
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