Dethang Manilakhang (1835 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Deythang village, North Sikkim. It was built in 1835 A.D. by the people under the guidance of Lama Yurung and given it a religious name as ‘Pema Cho-tsekling’. The land for the Manilhakhang was donated by Lt. Chonyi Lepcha which has 1.5 acres. The Altar contains Cho-Long-Trul-sum Statues along with a statue of 14th Karmapa Thekchog Dorje.
A Kadam Choedten which was brought from Lhasa, Tibet is another sacred object of the Altar. The Manilhakhang has 17 monks and Nyamos. It follows Kagyudpa Sect and is affiliated to Phodong Gonpa .
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