Rapem Tharpaling Manilakhang (1946 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Rapem village, East Sikkim and can be reached by a two hour’s hike from the main road. It was built in 1946 A.D. The site was made holy by building a hermitage in 1914 A.D. by Lama Thargay Lepcha for his meditation purposes. Later the local public erected a Manilhakhang to cater to the religious needs of the people living in this area.
The Altar has statues of Lord Guru flanked by his two consorts Lhacham Mandarawa and Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal. The altar on the first floor contains a statue of Lord Buddha with other small statue of different deities. A statue of Buddha Amitabha is installed in the top floor. Presently there is only one Care Taker Lama. While studying in Banaras the caretaker had met One Amananda Lazaro and Rani Padma Kumari Devi Rana of Nepal  who had offered to help him. They sponsored to build a Meditation Centre big enough to accommodate three persons at a time near this Manilhakhang. From time to time, the Manilakhang is visited by Lamas who come here for retreat.
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