Nando Manilakhang (1835 A.D)
This Manilhakhang is located at Nandok village. It is about 15 minutes walking distance from the main road. It was said to have been founded in 1889 A.D. The land for the Manilhakhang was allotted by the Government on public request. It was built with government aid and public contributions. Another new Lhakhang is built behind the old one.
 The Area MLA spearheaded to build this new Lhakhang. The Altar of the old Manilhakhang contains statues of Cho-Long-Trul-sum and the new Lhakhang has statues of Jampalyang, Chagna Dorje and Chenrezig. There are three senior monks, 10 novice monks and 10 Nyamos attached to these Manilhakhangs. It follows Karma Kagyupa Sect.
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