Nampung Manilakhang (1913 A.D)
Located at Namphung village, East Sikkim is a Manilakhang which was first a small Lhakhang built by Lama Tseten in 1913 A.D. Later, in 2004 the old structure was dismantled and replaced by a bigger structure by the Gonpa Committee from contributions from the villagers. The Nampung Manilakhang can be reached by taking a diversion road from main Lingdok road. The land for the Manilakhang was donated by Shri Gyaltsen Kazi.
The Altar of the Manilakhang contains statues of Lord Buddha, Chugchi Shay Chenrezig and Guru Padmasambhava.The construction of this Manilakhang, however, is still in to be completed. It presently has 39 monks and 38 Nyamos attending for Mani prayers and follows the Nyingmapa Sect.
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