Lamateng Manilakhang (1923 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at lamaten village, East Sikkim. It was in the year 1900A.D that Kagyu Rinpoche from Tibet had desired to build a monastery at Lamaten village. However, in the year 1923 A.D. a foundation stone was laid by Phigung Rinpoche. The land of 3.5 acres was donated to monastery by Lt. Gyam Kipa Bhutia.
The Altar contains statues of Lord Amitabha Buddha, Chenrezig, Guru Rinpoche, Chagna Dorje and Dolma (Tara). The Manilakhang follows Bhara Kagyupa Sect and presently there are 13 monks headed by three Tshampos.
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